Presentations by Professor Ronald W. Yeung

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Professor Ronald W. Yeung, Ph.D.

American Bureau of Shipping Endowed Chair in Ocean Engineering

University of California at Berkeley

Contact E-mail: rwyeung@berkeley.edu


Ocean Renewable Energy -- Prospects and Development

Colloquium/Seminar #1

Dalian University of Technology

October 24, 2016, Monday, 14:00 -15:00

Meeting room A301, Institute of Ocean Engineering,

 State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering


The ocean environment is considered a crucial resource for green and sustainable energy. The lecture will give an overview of large-scale floating offshore wind turbines, current and tidal machines, and a collection of wave-energy extraction devices. The scale of engineering analysis can vary from macro- (150m) to mini-scale (5cm).Technical development and efforts related to speaker’s Marine Mechanics Research Laboratory at UC Berkeley are elaborated.


 Configuration Design of Multi-Hull Systems

Colloquium/Seminar #2

Dalian University of Technology

October 26, 2016, Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:00

Meeting room A301, Institute of Ocean Engineering,

State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering


A brief overview of the history of wave-drag prediction is given within the context of thin-ship and other approximating theories. This dominant contribution to resistance is of particular importance for high-speed hulls. A fast design tool for a "first-cut assessment" of the interference drag among multi-hulls is described. The interference-resistance formula allows the designer to rapidly evaluate the total wave drag of a N-hull system as a function of a number of configuration and volumetric-distribution parameters. High-speed and yet “waveless” hulls is a possibility, thus offering the advantage of low GHG emission.


SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF SPEAKER: Prof. Ronald W. Yeung, Ph.D.(1973, UC Berkeley) is a distinguished professor of hydromechanics and ocean engineering at UC Berkeley. He holds the Inaugural ABS Chair in Ocean Engineering established in 2012.  He was a Fulbright-Hayes Senior Scholar in Adelaide, Australia (1981) and then a von-Humboldt Distinguished US Scientist in Germany (1988, 1998).  He made contributions in a broad range of areas in marine mechanics. He received the 2002-03 Georg Weinblum Lecturership Award sponsored by the German Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft and the U.S. Naval Studies Board. In 2004, he was recognized as the SNAME Kenneth Davidson Gold Medalist for Outstanding Scientific Accomplishments in Ship Research. The Brazilian Society of Marine Engineers (SOBENA) awarded him the “2008 Biennial International Researcher Award". He was conferred an honorary professorship by Harbin Engineering University of China in 2010. He has authored or co-authored over 150 publications and mentored more than one hundred advanced-degree graduates, including 22Ph.D.’s and 8 Post-docs to completion. In OMAE-2012, a special four-day Symposium on Offshore and Ship Hydrodynamics was held in his honor in Rio de Janeiro, in appreciation of his research and mentorship contributions in the marine field. In 2016, he received the OOAE/ASME Lifetime Achievement Award “In grateful recognition of significant lifetime contribution to hydromechanics and ocean engineering by a distinguished scholar.”



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