Professor Ryan Lowe,School of Earth and Environment and UWA Oceans Institute,University of Western Australia

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题目:Improving  predictions of nearshore processes and shoreline dynamics adjacent to natural  and engineered coastal structures

报告人:Professor Ryan  Lowe

School of Earth  and Environment and UWA Oceans InstituteUniversity of  Western Australia




报告人简介:Ryan Lowe is a  Professor at the University of Western Australia. He received his PhD in Civil  and Environmental Engineering in 2005 from Stanford University. After completing  a postdoctoral research and lecturing position at Stanford, he commenced his  present position at UWA in 2007. Lowe’s research in coastal engineering and  physical oceanography focuses on the study of how oceanic and atmospheric  forcing drives the circulation and distribution of wave energy along the coast,  with activities extending from the nearshore zone to the deeper shelf ocean. In  many cases, this work is motivated by the need to improve our understanding of  the coupling between hydrodynamics and other key processes occurring in marine  environments, such as sediment transport and coastal water quality. Lowe has  authored over 80 papers in leading international journals, is the Editor for the  Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans (a top multidisciplinary oceanography  journal), and serves on the Expert Group in Physical Oceanography for the  Australian Meteorological and Oceanography Society. In 2012, Lowe received a  prestigious five-year Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship to  further expand his research on coastal ocean dynamics along Western Australia’s  extensive (~20,000 km) coastline, ranging from the strongly wave-forced systems  in the southwest to the macrotidal systems in the northwest.  


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