Dr. Jun Zang, Department of Architecutre and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, UK

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报告题目: 海天学者学术报告 Recent Advances in Wave-Structure Interactions Towards Accurate and Efficient Numerical Modelling

报告人: Dr. Jun Zang, Department of Architecutre and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, UK

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报告简介:This presentation will give a brief overview of the recent developments in the study of wave-structure interactions that have been carried out at the University of Bath for applications to coastal and offshore engineering. It will compare the results obtained by potential flow theory and viscous flow solvers. Some applications for wave overtopping, optimisation of wave energy devices, and wave impact on fixed and floating offshore structures, such as offshore wind turbine foundations, offshore platforms, and floating vessels will be discussed in the presentation.


报告人简介:Dr Jun Zang is the Director of the Research Unit for Water, Environment and Infrastructure Resilience (WEIR) at the University of Bath. In the past year, she was the Chair of the PRIMaRE, a partnership of world-class research institutions based in the West, South, and South West of England for research in Marine Renewable Energy.

Dr. Zang’s research concerns the hydrodynamic loadings on urban, coastal and offshore structures and the impact of extreme events on such structures. Her research group at Bath is one of the leading groups in developing and using advanced CFD tools in modelling complex free surface flows, wave-structure interactions, urban and coastal flooding, violent wave impact on offshore wind turbine foundations and optimisation of wave energy devices. She chaired the prestigious 30th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies in the UK in 2015 and the 3rd PRIMaRE Conference in MRE in 2016.



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