Ms. Tracy Chen,Publisher, Ocean & Geotechnical Engineering, STM Journals, Elsevier

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报告题目:Introduction to Scholarly Publishing, Ocean Engineering Journals and Dalian University of Technology Publications

报告人:Ms. Tracy ChenPublisher, Ocean & Geotechnical Engineering, STM Journals, Elsevier




报告简介:Interested in learning the procedure of scholarly publishing? Confused in how to choose the right journal for your research? Curious to learn what is the academic publication performance for your department? Come to this presentation to learn a brief introduction on all topics above. The talk will be presented by Ms. Tracy Chen, who is the Publisher for Eleven Journals published by Elsevier in ocean engineering and geotechnical engineering field. The Journals include Applied Ocean Research, Ocean Engineering, Coastal Engineering and Marine Structures. According to publication statistics during 2010-2014, Elsevier has the strongest market share of 34% in article output and 46% in citation share in Ocean & Marine Engineering field.

As a Publisher, Tracy is responsible for realization of business plans aiming at the development and maintenance of these journals. She works in line with the company global strategy at Science Technology & Medical Journals level. Prior to Publisher, Tracy worked in Elsevier for 5 years for special issues and international conference content management for over 150 journals in Energy, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Materials fields. Tracy is based in Beijing, China.




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