Dr. Boyin Ding, University of Adelaide

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报告题目Introduction to the Ocean Wave Energy Research Group at the University of Adelaide

报告人:Dr. Boyin Ding, University of Adelaide

时间:2017426日(星期三)PM 15:00


Dr. Boyin Ding简介:

Dr Boyin Ding is currently an early career researcher employed by the University of Adelaide, where he graduated with a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. Dr Boyin Ding has been active in two primary research fields over the last five years: robotics technology in biomechanics and ocean wave energy harvesting. He has published over 40 refereed articles in top outlets (e.g. Renewable Energy; Journal of Biomechanics), and has won several competitive awards and grants (e.g. South Australia's highest engineering award by Engineers Australia). Dr Boyin Ding has been managing two young research groups since 2014: the Ocean Wave Energy Research Group consisting of 6 core academic staff and 7 postgraduates; and the Biomechanics and Implants Research Group consisting of 5 core academic staff and 6 postgraduates.


The Ocean Wave Energy Research Group was established in 2014 at the University of Adelaide, on the basis of an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant in collaboration with Carnegie Clean Energy Limited. The group has been growing rapidly in the last three years under the leadership of Prof. Benjamin Cazzolato and the management of Dr Boyin Ding, yielding significant academic achievements. The group is keen to establish and enhance partnership with industrial and academic leaders in the field of sustainable energy globally, to share knowledge, expertise, human resources, and facilities. This talk aims to provide an insight into the capability, progress, key research areas, and future development of the Ocean Wave Energy Research Group.



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