Academic Presentation by Prof. Zhen Gao From NTNU

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Academic Presentation by Prof. Zhen Gao From NTNU


Recent work at NTNU on dynamic response analysis of offshore wind turbines during Normal Operation and Onsite Installation


Prof. Zhen Gao

Department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway

E-mail: zhen.gao@ntnu.no


December 25, 2017, Monday, 09:00-10:30

Meeting room A301, Institute of Ocean Engineering,

State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering




In this talk, a summary of the recent work at NTNU regarding dynamic response analysis of offshore wind turbines during their normal operations and in the phase of onsite installation will be presented. On the part of wind turbine dynamic analysis, the focus will be given to floating wind turbine concepts. In particular, the numerical method for coupled wind- and wave-induced loads and response analysis of a floating vertical axis wind turbine will be introduced. An experimental validation of the numerical method for estimation of the cross-sectional loads of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine will be presented. Moreover, an efficient method based on the modification of the contour line method for long-term extreme responses of offshore wind turbines will be discussed. On the part of onsite installation analysis, the focus is given to the development of a general methodology for assessment of sea state limits for marine operations using response-based criteria. The methodology will be illustrated by analyses for installation of offshore wind turbine blades and monopile support structures. Numerical models and analyses for installing blades by crane operations, for damage assessment in case of blade impact/contact with surrounding structures, as well as for monopile lowering process will be discussed in detail. In addition, novel concepts for cost-effective installation of offshore wind turbines will also be presented.


Prof. Zhen Gao is a professor on marine structures at the department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. He got his Bachelor and MSc degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China in 2000 and 2003, respectively.  He obtained his PhD degree at NTNU in 2008 and he was awarded the annual ExxonMobil Research Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis in Applied Research from NTNU in 2008.

Prof. Gao’s research areas include offshore renewable energy, marine operation, structural mechanics and dynamics, stochastic analysis, reliability and risk Analysis of offshore structures. He has published over 137 peer-reviewed papers (including 68 journal papers and 69 conference papers). He has co-supervised 8 PhD graduates and supersized/co-supervised about 35 master graduates. Currently, he is involved in the supervision and co-supervision of 10 PhD and 7 master students at NTNU.

He actively involved in several research projects and education programs on offshore renewable energy, including EU FP6 SEEWEC project (2007-2009), EU FP7 MARINA Platform Project (2010-2014), IEA OC4 (2010-2012), EU FP7 MARE-WINT Project (2012-2016) and EWEM (European Wind Energy Master) Program(2012-now).


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