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“海天学者”学术报告:英国Exeter大学Lars Johanning教授


报告题目:Optimization approaches for Offshore Renewable Energy Applications

报告人:Prof. Lars Johanning, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Renewable Energy Group, University of Exeter, UK





      This presentation will outline optimization approaches applied to the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) industry. Often it is of large importance to optimize the design concepts for application in the ORE industry, for technologies such as offshore wind, wave and current, in order to enhance reliability and economics. The seminar will present latest results in this area presenting studies on i) robust method for calculating return periods of ocean waves, ii) optimization algorithms for station keeping and a validation case for a O&M optimization approach.   



Prof. Lars Johanning, Chair of Ocean Technology at the University of Exeter, received PhD from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine at 2003. He has worked in University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences since 2007. Now, he is the head of Offshore Renewable Energy.

He is a leading researcher with international recognition in the field of ocean energy and technology with a focus towards hydrodynamics and mooring systems. During his career Prof Johanning has led multiple challenging research projects to a successful outcome and has developed the ORE group at Exeter to its current strength. His research outputs include over 150 peer reviewed book chapters, journal and conference papers dedicated to Offshore Renewable Energy and related topics including multi-disciplinary publications on resource characterisation and environmental studies. Professor Johanning is currently a Visiting Scholar at Dalian University of Technology, a selected Senator at the University of Exeter, Supergen (UKCMER) wave energy lead, and is the programme Director on the Marine-i Hub project, a £0.8million EPSRC UK-China ORE project and a £6.8million European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project as part of the Marine Hub Cornwall Enterprise Zone to stimulate and support business-led and market-driven R&D and innovation.


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