Dr. Robert Mayon, University of Southampton, UK

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报告人: Dr. Robert Mayon, University of Southampton

报告题目:The design of breakwaters for coastal protection with integrated energy harvesting systems





Hydrodynamic wave loading at structures is a complex phenomenon to quantify. The design of structures to resist wave loading has been historically and predominantly achieved through empirical and experimental observations. This is due to the challenging understanding and quantification of wave impact energy transfer processes with air entrainment at solid structures. This study investigates wave loading on such structures with effects of air entrapment. Specifically, it focuses on predicting the multi-modal oscillatory wave impact pressure signals which result from transient waves impinging upon a solid wall. A large dataset of compressible (and incompressible) numerical modelling scenarios have been generated to investigate these processes. The modelling simulation data are verified through a grid scaling analysis and validated against previous studies. Air bubble entrapment oscillatory pressure response trends are observed in the compressible simulation during wave impact. A frequency domain analysis of the impact pressure response is undertaken. The numerical modelling results are found in good agreement with theoretical and experimental observation data. These findings provide good confidence on the robustness of our numerical model foundations particularly for investigating the air bubbles formation, their mechanics and adjusted resonance frequency modes at impact with solid walls.



Dr. Robert Mayon graduated with a BEng degree in Civil and Structural engineering from the University of Aberdeen in 2006, with a dissertation focusing on Finite Element Methods for the design of structural steel connections. Following on from this Robert worked as a Structural Design Engineer with a consultancy firm based in the British West Indies. In 2014 Robert obtained an MSc degree in Engineering Simulation and Modelling (First class honours) from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, with a dissertation focused on investigating the phenomenology of soil liquefaction and subsequent slope failure using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method. In 2017, Robert got his PhD degree from University of Southampton and became a Senior Research Fellow in the same university. His research is focused on the design of breakwaters for coastal protection with integrated energy harvesting systems.


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