Professor Zhili Zou
    Research Area
    Coastal hydrodynamics
    Coastal morphology
    Nonlinear wave and its interaction with structure





    1982, B.S, Civil Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China;
    1986, M.S., Civil Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China;
    1990, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, China;
    1990.09-1992.09 Postdoc research assistant, Dalian University of Technology
    1992.09-1997.07 Associate professor, Dalian University of Technology
    1997.09-present Professor, Dalian University of Technology
    1992.11-1994.05 Visiting scholar, Hydraulics Research Wallingford, UK
    1999.12-2000.03 Visiting scholar, Edinburgh University, UK
    2000.10-2000.12 Visiting scholar, Western Australia University, Australia
    2003.01-2003.06 Visiting scholar, University of Delaware, USA

    Dr. Zou has published more than 50 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and one monograph. He has been principal investigator of four projects of National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He has also conducted multiple consultancy projects.

    1. monograph
    Zou Z.L. 2005. water wave theories and their applications(In Chinese). China Science Press.
    2. book chapters
    Zou Z.L., Fang K.Z., Liu Z.B. 2008. Inter-comparison of different forms of higher-order Boussinesq equations. In advances in numerical simulation of nonlinear water waves. (The series of advances in coastal and ocean engineering), World Scientific Publishing,Singapore.
    3. Peer-reviewed international journal paper
    [1] Zou Z.L, Fang K.Z. 2008. Alternative forms of high order Boussinesq equations: Derivations and Validations. Coastal Engineering, 55(6):506-521.
    [2] Wang, D. G., Zou, Z. L.2007.Study of non-linear wave motions and wave forces on ship sections against vertical quay in a harbor. Ocean engineering, 34(8-9): 85-95.
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